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April 3, 2021
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April 3, 2021


 A brief overview of your entity.

 b. Discuss what a Form 990 is, what is its focus, what are its major sections and requirements, and what it’s intended to do.

 c. Discuss who are the Form 990’s intended users – who and why is the form intended for (what is NOT expected is a fund-by-fund accounting of figures, performance, balances, etc.).

 d. Finally, compare the Form 990 to your NFP entity’s annual report (if they don’t have one, find an annual report from another NFP) and discuss the different audiences / needs / users / purpose of same. 4. Your deliverable is to be three – five pages in length (~1,000 to 1,800 words), single-spaced, double spacing between paragraphs, one inch margins and a font size of 10 – 12 points. Use headings related to topics in our class, and include a cover page and works cited section. In-text citations for all facts must be included and done per APA standards. T 

Not-For-Profit Report should be written on Make A wish Foundation.

Also on the 990 Audition Report 

Topics Headings

Introduction, on the foundation

Mission Statement

For this section Please ensure you add Data and background history on  when,what, where, why and  how why the reports are used.

Also reflect off of the power point attached. this paper will be ran through turnitin

single space Apa 3pages

Independent Auditing Report. Who is in charge and what companies handle the auditing reports.

You are able to add Data charts to match the data used in the report analysis.

Financial Statements, and history behind every Statements that is used in the Make-A-Wish Foundation

  Statement of Financial Position and Form 990 Balance Sheet

  Statement of Activities

  Statement of Cash Flows

  Financial Condition and Performance

  Statement of Functional Expenses


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