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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

Post after reviewing your assigned readings on food labeling and terms. It is important that you have familiarized yourself with the key terms related to labeling and the definitions of words that can be used on packaging. This website may be useful to help you better understand the food label:
Select one food from your kitchen (freezer, refrigerator or pantry). Review the nutrition facts panel and other labeling on the package. Then complete the following (there is no length requirement for this and no reference is required unless you are referring back to the labeling document mentioned above; just provide complete responses as appropriate for each):
Product Name:
Food Group(s) from MyPlate:
Serving Size:
Total # of servings per container:
Main ingredient by weight:
Is this product fortified or enriched? If so, with what?
Is this product ADVERTISED (front of package) as any of the following? State Yes or No and then what the label is claiming. “High” in any nutrients; “Good Source” of any nutrients; “Reduced” in any nutrients; These terms have a specific definition for food labels. If you aren’t familiar with what these terms mean, review the link provided above.
Is this product advertised as “low”, “very low” or “free” for any nutrients? State Yes or No and then what the label is claiming. What micronutrients are listed in this food (>5%)?
Nutrient Calculations:
Grams of carb per serving______Grams of fat per serving______Grams of Protein per serving_________
Calculate the total calories in each serving
Grams of carb per serving x 4 calories/gram=_______calories
Grams of fat per serving x 9 calories/g= ________calories
Grams of protein per serving x 4 calories=__________calories TOTAL calories=_________
Does any of this information seem surprising to you? If so, what did you find surprising?
Would you consider this a nutritious food? Why or why not? If not, what is a healthier alternative (similar food/food group, but healthier choice) or how can you modify this food to be able to include it in a healthy diet


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