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January 14, 2021
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Psychology Journal Article Analysis – 50 points The first step in this assignment is to locate an empirical journal article that focuses on psychological research (must include a method, results, and discussion section) and be published between 2000 and present. The topics you can choose for this paper include: · eyewitness testimony · classical conditioning · conformity · attribution theory · personality disorder · cognitive dissonance. Peer reviewed psychological journal articles are located in the Wright College Library online dtatabases: http://ccc.edu/departments/Pages/Library-Databases.aspx. The paper must be typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, single-sided. The length of the paper will be 3-pages. This assignment is due on Thursday, April 19, 2018 at the beginning of class. All papers submitted 15 minutes after class starts would be late, 5 points deduction for every class late. DO NOT email me this assignment. Do not use plastic covers or other types of binders for your paper; simply staple your paper in the top left corner. 1. In a few paragraphs, summarize the psychological research study that you have selected. What was the theory being examined in the research study? If you are unsure what a theory is, please review material from Chapter 2- Science of Behaviors. Include a desсrіption of the purpose of the study (hypothesis); you must state the hypothesis in your own words. Summarize the procedures used for the study; include the sample selection (participants), instruments/assessments used and how the research was conducted. Finally, what were the results from the study? Did they prove the hypothesis? Do not directly quote from the journal article, rather paraphrase in your own words and that in-text citations follow APA format. (25 points) 2. There is no such thing as a “perfect” study. What were the limitations of this study? What were the implications for further research? Be specific and clear. This section must be a minimum of one paragraph. (5 points) 3. Provide a desсrіption of the research topic selected. Information about the research topic can be found in your textbook. After you have explained the topic in your own words, synthesize the information from the textbook to how the topic is examined in the research study. (5 points) 4. In-text Citations and References must follow APA format. (10 points) 5. Grammar, spelling and punctuation. (5 points) *Note from me: I′ve uploaded the article to use, and don′t worry about question #3, I′ll add that into the paper.*


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