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Federalism and the Interstate Commerce Clause
January 14, 2021
Do the collateral sources have any psychological issues that might exacerbate the patient’s problems?
January 14, 2021

This is a group assignment and only my part needs to be done which is 1 treatment approach “Childbirth Connection”
Working as a team, this assignment will help you to describe and discuss methods of treatment for an addiction. You will also work to determine what treatments will be most effective for various special populations.
Imagine yourself and your Learning Team working in an agency where your manager has asked you to quickly outline treatment approaches for a special staff meeting.
Create 1-2 page outline of major treatment approaches.
Only do treatment approach on childbirth connection
Provide a brief description of each approach in the outline annotated with the factors that must be considered for various special populations.
Please review the sample annotated outlines provided for this assignment. The sample outline is what is expected for this assignment. Here is the link to the sample outline: http://www.apollolibrary.com/cwe/pdfs/Annotatedbibliography.pdf
Our population chosen is Pregnant Women with Addiction
Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.
1-3 Refences needed & I’ve uploaded an example of an annotated outline to see how my part needs to be done


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