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July 18, 2021
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Paragraph | English homework help


Decide whether Miss Minnie or the meteorologist wins this case. This role-play assignment has two parts: participation in a discussion and writing a paragraph defending the student’s position.

Ever watched court shows or law dramas on television? This assignment requires participating in a court case similar to those shown on television.Miss Minnie takes the daily weather report very seriously. After reading the instructions for the two parts of this assignment, read her complaint against the meteorologist and the paragraph about the meteorologist’s possible response. Then prepare to discuss one side or the other in a role-play exercise. See the Analyzing cause and effect section under Developing Paragraphs/Strategies for Developing the Main Point in The Little Seagull Handbook.

Read about Miss Minnie’s case in the module content in the online classroom.


The discussion portion of this Practice Assignment takes place in the online classroom. Please participate in the discussion first.

For the written portion, write a paragraph defending the student position and submit the paragraph to the instructor. 

In this role play, students are also the jury. Decide which side wins this case and write a paragraph discussing the merits of the case. To write the paragraph, consider the logic of  the responses. Discuss whether the meteorologist, an unpredictable act of nature, or some other cause is responsible for Miss Minnie’s troubles. Supply logical reasons for the conclusions based on the role-play discussion and the complaint.

The practice paragraph should demonstrate good structure through the use of a topic sentence, several coherent supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. Refer to Section W-4b, Developing Paragraphs, particularly the section on Analyzing cause and effect, in The Little Seagull Handbook.

When the practice assignment is complete, submit it here. Click on the Submit Assignment button in the top right of this window. Either upload your paragraph as a PDF or select the text entry tab and type your paragraph into the text box. Then, click the Submit Assignment button at the bottom of the the page. 

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