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10 page critique and personal reflection on the textbook “Why evolution is true”.
October 18, 2020
What is your prediction on the outcome of the 2018 Congressional elections? Will Democrats take-over one or both Houses of Congress?
October 18, 2020

Buddhism Discussion – I need two papers / 200 words each

In this film, we find the filmmaker as much part of the story as the subject (the Dalai Lama) himself.  In part, I think this is due to the spiritual journey that we’re all on (in very general and ambiguous terms).  The “interview” doesn’t start until about halfway through the film, in fact.  That said, what do you think of the question posed – under Buddhism, a religion of peace and especially the Dalai Lama’s version, of pacifism and non-violence. How does one use what may be considered “violent” tactics and still follow?

In addition, as the film description asks the question – if you had an hour with the Dalai Lama – what would you ask?  Is there anything that wasn’t asked that you would have brought up?  

Please post at least 200 words 

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