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How has measuring and evaluating purchasing performance beenlimited in the past? How has this…
July 5, 2020
If 1500 lb., of air is pumped into a previously empty 900 ft3 storage tank and the air temperature in the tank is uniformly 70°F, what is the air pressure in the tank in atmospheres?
July 5, 2020

Please answer the following questions after reading the attached files:
1. How would you compare the Gossamer Journals representation of love and marriage with the varied representations of the love relationship in Ise? (for this question about Ise is the pictures attached named from 50 to 80)
2. How would you compare Gossamer and Pillow Books view of flirtation and romance? Do their representations of love (flirtation, romance) and marriage overlap, or are there substantial differences?  Do the texts share the same degree of emphasis and focus on marriage? If so, how? If not, match up the resonating similarities and chart the differences.
3. After reading The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon how would you characterize Sei Shonagons taste and sensibility? Can we define her judgment and basis for appraisal? Do we agree with her judgements? Disagree? Where and when (cite specific pages and passages)  Do you think she would be fun to hang out with?


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