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February 23, 2021
February 23, 2021

Unit 1


 To complete this Discussion Board assignment, review the occurrences at Easter Island, and use this situation as a case study of poor stewardship that resulted in lack of sustainability. A discussion of Easter Island may be found in Unit 5 section of the Interactive Learning Materials area of the classroom.

Part 1

How can human societies use the concepts of stewardship and sustainability to manage natural resources? Give 2 examples. Explain how this might be done.

Part 2

Read the article in the Web Resources by Rhett Butler, Deforestation in the Amazon.

·         Do you feel that good stewardship and sustainable use of resources are being practiced?

·         Why or why not?

·         What suggestions would you make for sustainable use of resources in the Amazon?

·         Explain your thinking.


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