Project plan project.

What is a white collar crime? What types of white collar crimes? What population is usually affected
July 5, 2020
provide optimized solutions in Python and discuss the approach used to solve the problems so that I can understand the approach when I walk through the code
July 5, 2020

Question description

Project Description: 
I need help with an academic paper that will consist of around 15- 20 pages written in APA format. The topic is technology disaster recovery.

This paper must be 100% unique and pass Turn It In.

Please read the attached documents in detail to clearly understand the scope of the project.

I have provided a document that describes the project in detail, another document contains the rubric, the third document is a capstone competency matrix, and the 4th document shows an example of a complete project so you have a clear example of what I am looking for.

Section A: ( Some of this I will do on my own.) But still make sure it has all the required information.

Section F: requires the capstone capstone competency matrix document to be completed (ask me for any info needed)

Please ask any questions before bidding.

You must have perfect English grammar and experience with technical writing.


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