Promoting Active Learning

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May 26, 2020
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May 26, 2020

Step 1. Research
Research the role of active learning in the design of online courses and learning communities. How does

active learning promote student engagement? What strategies support active learning? How can active

learning help build successful online learning communities?
Step 2. Introduce
Introduce your two learning objects by describing the role of active learning in online course design and

how it can be used to build learner engagement and community.

Step 3. Design
In a graphic organizer of your choice, design a learning object to describe the benefits of designing an

online course that promotes active participation by students. List some of the dos and don’ts, and explain

why these are critical for student engagement and the building of online community.
Step 4. Design
In a graphic organizer of your choice, design a learning object to suggest strategies for engaging students

in online learning communities. What are the benefits of such engagement?
Step 5. Conclude
Conclude your paper by suggesting a potential audience for the implementation of the two learning

objects. Who could benefit from having access to this information?

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