Public Health From Health Protection to Community Development

Discuss the pros and cons of the facility in terms of what they offer
October 18, 2020
Explain what it means to be ethical as it relates to personal, academic, and professional growth. Provide at least one ethical dilemma you have…
October 18, 2020

A Written Critique ( 2500 words) of Community Development, incorporating a critical appraisal of the approach as it contribution to public health practice.

*provide a brief outline of the key theme

*what does the theme tell us about how health is viewed, defined and conceptualised

*what assumptions are being made about the nature of health ( for example to promote health, prevent disease)

*how is the theme underpinned by current policy ( locally, nationally or internationally)

*how is the theme delivered in practice ( what approaches are generally undertaken)

* Critically what does research tell us about this as an approach and its contribution to the public health?

* what are the ethical issues to be considered?

*what ideas do you have ( underpinned by literature) that could shape this approach in the future?


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