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May 21, 2020
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May 21, 2020

Using a text editor like Windows Notepad or some other editor, create a new text file of the names of at least 10 different world languages. (Make sure to save the file as a .txt file.) Write each one down on a separate line, then save the file and name it world.txt. Do not worry about putting the languages in any kind of order. Simply write them down in the order they come to your mind.
Using the Python code examples in sections 15.1 through 15.3, replicate the steps of reading in the text file world.txt to a list then perform a linear search for a specific world language from your list of world languages.
In the same Python program above, create an insertion sort function as shown in section 17.3 that will utilize the list of world languages already read in from the world.txt file and then sort them alphabetically.
Once the list is sorted, print out all the elements in the list using a loop of some kind to verify the entire old list originally created by you in world.txt has been properly sorted.

Submitted a .txt file with 10 different languages, each one on a new line.
Submitted a python file that demonstrates:
A linear search for a specific world language.
An insertion sort function.
A print() command that shows how the list has been sorted in alphabetical order.


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