Qualitative Social Health Research Study Critique Academic Essay

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September 17, 2020
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September 17, 2020

In this assessment, you will utilise a provided framework to systematically critique a qualitative health research study and report your findings. You will select an article from among several articles chosen for the semester (see choices posted in the Assessment 3 folder on Blackboard).
Weighting: 30% of mark for unit
Due Date: Please see the assessment section of your Unit Plan for submission instructions and due dates for Assignment 3.
In Assessment 3 you will develop your ability to be savvy consumers of health research by requiring you to systematically critique a health research study. The main learning objectives of this assessment are to:
1. interpret and present research data;
2. present a research report; and
3. critically evaluate the design and conclusions of research studies.
Main Components of Assessment: 1500 word count (+/- 10 %, including sections 1- summary only)
Cover Page
Element 1 Title
Element 2 Authors
Element 3 Abstract
Element 4 Introduction/Rationale for study
Element 5 Literature Review
Element 6 Research Aim
Element 7 Research Questions
Element 8 Key Concepts
Element 9 Ethical Considerations
Element 10 Research Methodology (Theoretical Approach)
Element 11 Data Collection Methods and Procedures
Element 12 Study Participants and Sampling Methods
Element 13 Data Analysis
Element 14 Results Presentation
Element 15 Discussion of Results
Element 16 Conclusion
Element 17 Presentation
Summary of Critique
Reference List
HST2122 Health Research Methodology Assessment 3 Instructions Page 2
Please choose ONE of the studies posted in the Assessment 3 folder on Blackboard to focus your critique on. You are encouraged to base your selection on a topic or method that you are most interested so that you can truly engage in the critical analysis.
You are strongly encouraged to read the recommended resources on critiquing research studies in order to better understand what problems or difficulties to look out for (…but don’t forget to reference them!). Basic descriptions of what elements are included or excluded are necessary but not sufficient for a good mark on this assignment – strong assignments will include critical analysis explaining why the element is or is not well-aIDressed. For example, in aIDition to stating the sampling technique, a critique would comment on why or why not a particular sampling method is appropriate given the study’s stated purpose.
Introduction (~100 word count)
The introduction should:
1. Explain the purpose of this document (assessment purpose);
2. Introduce the topic of the assignment (the article to be critiqued); and
3. Summarise the organisation of the document.
Elements 1-17 (~1100 word count)
Please read the document entitled ‘Framework and Guidelines for Critiquing Social Health Research.’ Utilise the questions posed in that document to guide your analysis for each of the Elements 1-14 listed in the contents section above. The Introduction and Summary of Critique should be written in paragraph form in prose. Your critique of Elements 1-15 should be presented in a landscape Word table format with row headings the same as Elements identified in the contents section above. Entries for each element should be:
• in clear sentences and phases;
• detailed; and
• concise.
NOTE: You must use the Assessment 3 Table Template document (found at Blackboard > Assessments > Assessment 3 folder) to report your findings in for this assignment.
Summary of Critique (~300 word count)
This section should follow the critique table and be written in full sentences and paragraphs. It should comment on:
1. the overall quality of the study based on your detailed critique and
2. how or when this study might be useful in a professional applied setting, indicating any cautions that might need to exercise due to limitations of the study.
HST2122 Health Research Methodology Assessment 3 Instructions Page 3
Please present your Assignment in the following manner:
• The Introduction and Summary of Critique should be written in paragraph form in prose.
• The critique of Elements 1-17 should be presented in accordance with the document template for Assessment 3
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