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October 1, 2020
I want you to write a project report
October 1, 2020

My name is Inez and I’m divorced mother with three children whose ages are 23, 17, and 16.

I’m currently employed by a grocery chain that specializes in health food. Currently I oversee the coffee, tea, and chocolate section in the store. I like my work, but I haven’t always been happy in a working situation. In the past I have gone from one job to another including the following jobs: working in a cleaning business wreath making, waitress, nurse’s aide, cook, teacher’s aide, truck driver and health care assistant for disabled individuals. As you can observe I have difficulty sticking to a job and I tend to procrastinate. I seem to be searching for something I can’t find or really identify. Sometimes I feel that I could identify what I want to do in the future, but I am afraid to try for fear of failure once more. It is hard for me to generate the confidence and energy to get started on a project.

My main problems have been depression, feelings of anger, helplessness, and fear of leaving my home. There are times when I feel happy and enthusiastic and other times I feel very depressed. It is during the feeling of depression that I cannot focus and function well. Often, I cannot complete even simple tasks. On the other hand, when I feel well, I can relate to other people, but I resist becoming involved in close relationships.

I am now 44 years old. My father was in the armed service and we moved quite often. I have lived in Colorado, Virginia, Louisiana, and Italy. I have two younger brothers. My parents divorced soon after I graduate from high school. My marriage also failed, and my children have become quite discouraged with my mental health problems. One of my major goals is to give them a better home environment. When I have been able to work, I have had hope for the future. I am currently seeing a therapist and taking antidepressant. I have never had any career counseling even when I was enrolled in college, but work has been very important to me. I feel much better when I can function well on a job, and this feeling of well-being has fostered my lifestyle and other life roles. I still have a secret ambition of owning my own business. I would welcome the opportunity to explore some options. I know from past experience that my personal problems will hinder my progress toward upgrading a pathway to a more fulfilling work role.

The Questions for Discussion

1-What do you consider to be the major career problems for Inez?

2-How does Inez’s emotional instability affect both career and personal concerns?

3-What is the significance of the statement I can relate to other people, but I resist becoming involved in close relationship?

4-Conceptualize the interrelationships of career and personal concerns?

5-What are you counseling recommendations for Ines including the use of assessment instrument?

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