research report revised draft

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June 7, 2021
here is the instructionFinal Reflection: Reflect honestly on your work and goals for this course. Be Specific (not BS) and draw from your self-assessment sheets. Include your comments about what aspec
June 7, 2021
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research report revised draft

The research report is all about your field research. You may use the sources from the literature review to set up the context of your field research, but after the intro, the methods and results should focus on explaining the research you did and the results of your work. The most important part of the assignment is the discussion section at the end, where you will explain your conclusion about your field work. Essentially, you present and explain your thesis about the research project at the end of your report. What’s most important is to include intro, methods, results, and discussion, even if the paper is a bit shorter. That way, your reviewers can see your entire argument.

– My major is Mechanical Engineering

– Please see attachments to know what to write.

..Thank you!


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