research the engineering firm you would like to work for using their website and other sources

If you drive a small mini-car with the speed v against an uphill height of 0. I know that the hill is circular in the top and then a downhill is…
September 17, 2020
Topic In patients with sickle cell disease, what is the effect of Hydroxyurea therapy, in comparison to not use it, for managing and controlling the disease and reduce the blood transfusion?
September 17, 2020

Summaries must be at least one page long, typed, single spaced, 11-12 pt font (arial or times roman) and margins no larger than 1”.

Do not use bold font except for emphasis. On the top of the paper put your name.

Instructions and things to include in your summary:

· Research the engineering firm you would like to work for using their website and other sources.

· Include the name, location and web address of the organization in your summary.

· Discuss what the company does (products, services, types of projects).

· Discuss any statistics you find related to the company.

· Using on-line job search tools, describe open engineering positions with the company.

· Discuss the credentials needed to qualify for the positions.

Note: If you utilize any quotes from the readings or additional sources, be sure CITE YOUR SOURCES appropriately.


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