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September 17, 2020
September 17, 2020

Complete this worksheet to develop your research focus for the course. To help you better understand the main parts of research process, this research topic will be the basis for other assignments in the course. The focus of the research process for this assignment will be on the problem and its justification (significance), and the research question.

Format: Write your responses underneath each criterion, rather than a formal paper with APA headings, within a one double spaced page limit (cover and reference pages not counted)


1. Problem Statement and Justification

2. Purpose of Research

3. Research Question

4. Hypotheses

5. Operational Definitions

6. Theoretical Framework

7. Literature Review

8. Design

9. Sample and Sampling

10. Ethical Considerations

11. Data Collection and Instruments

12. Statistical Analyses (descriptive & inferential statistics)

13. Results

14. Findings

15. Conclusions

16. Recommendations for Future Research

1. Identify your research topic in one or two sentences

Grove, Gray, and Polit (2015) define a research topic as “a concept or broad issue that is important to nursing, such as acute pain, chronic pain management, coping with illness, or health promotion” (p. 131). The topic you choose should be one that you are interested about that could be a situation occurring within your personal practice setting that is researchable.

2. Write your research problem that explains the background situation and justify its significance as to why it is important to research and how it could contribute to the profession of nursing. Cite scholarly source/s

3. Develop your research question

Research questions should be short, concise, probing, and include measurable variables. Grove, Gray & Polit, 2015).

Formulate a research question that includes the measurable independent and dependent variables and who or what will comprise the population. Within your research question, identify in parentheses the independent and dependent variables. [note: If you chose a correlation vs. explanatory design, identify the predictor and criterion variables in parentheses]


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