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April 2, 2021
Discuss the correlation between family and domestic violence and the impacts this has on mental health, focusing on the nursing considerations, assessments and recognition.
April 2, 2021

Using Excel (or word if you prefer) generate a Risk Analysis Matrix for your project. Use the template from figure 8.1 in your textbook. Identify 20 risks for the projectMinimum 5 each of H,M,L chance of occurrenceMinimum 5 instances of H,M,L for impact for each occurrence bucket Organize as you feel fit Upload as lastname_riskmatrix.xxx to moodle 
Once you have completed your risk register, analyze your list and group them into risk categories (find them on page 291 of the textbook). I am just looking for the headings and a simple list of the risks grouped by heading. If using Excel I would recommend using a second worksheet for this


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