Social work/Biopsychosocial

Suppose that you are employed as a reporter by the local newspaper in your town. You learn that Ron Smith, one of the individuals running for sheriff…
October 19, 2020
Practicum – Assessing Clients
October 19, 2020

Ask your agency Field Instructor to assist you in choosing a client with whom, ideally, you will work for a few months. Ongoing work in is not always possible, especially in settings such as homeless shelter, hospital, or rehabilitation facility. To help the student develop cultural awareness and assessment skills, client’s background should be different than student’s background.
Interview the client to complete the Client Assessment form found in Blackboard under Course Documents. Since not all clients are competent to provide all information, it is acceptable to use collateral information from family members and team members, as long as you cite the source or information.
Each section of the Assessment must have sufficient details (at least 5 sentences per each section unless section is not applicable).
Part II. Client Intervention Service Plan

Develop an Intervention Service Plan using the Intervention Service Plan form available on BB under Course Documents.
Begin by summarizing (do not copy and paste) Client Assessment reflecting social work person-in-environment (PIE) perspectives / systems theory.

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