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October 1, 2020
1. What perceptions arise from the belief in the imaginary audience? 2. How do video games affect student learning? 3. What benefits come from adolescents’ use of technology? 4. Who is most apt and le
October 1, 2020

This modules discussion board has one thread with several tasks/questions. To complete this weeks discussion board assignment, do the following:

Take the Leadership Style Survey which is Exhibit 10-2 in Chapter 10 of the Borkowski textbook.
Present your scores for Authoritarian Style, Participative Style, and Delegative Style
Present your self-assessment/ reflection regarding  your scores.
Were you surprised at your scores?
Do you think your score is a valid representation of your true style?
Would you, or would you not like to change your style (score); why or why not?


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