team management assignment video worksheet

September 17, 2020
A rough estimate of the maximum cost of this task is: $500K for equipment and software and at least 1 full-time security administrator (rst year…
September 17, 2020

5 Dysfunctions of Teams Review Sheet

1. What does the quote “people need to be reminded more than they need to be taught” mean?

2. 5 dysfunctions of teams

a. ____________________________

b. ____________________________

c. ____________________________

d. ____________________________

e. ____________________________

3. What might stop people from experiencing Vulnerability based trust? ___________________

4. What is the first step in building Vulnerability based trust? ____________________________

5. If people disagree, they should say so is part of ______________________________________

6. Consensus leads to decisions that are ___________ __________ ___________ ___________

7. If you love someone you will ____________ _______________ __________________

8. Keeping the team focused on results is __________________ ____________ _________ _____

9. How would you define vulnerability?

10. If people on a team disagree, they should ____________ _________


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