Text presentation – American political thought

A short essay about international finance
May 20, 2020
Global Managerial Economics
May 20, 2020

The presentation should introduce the main arguments of the text and briefly explain the historical background. The length of the presentation should be approx. 1 pageof text. Presenters will then also be responsible for facilitating the class discourse by being the experts on the text. Whether you are presenting or not, everybody is required to read all the texts, unless they are marked as additional. You may upload texts as separate documents, or post in the forum. Mark it as “Text Presentation”.

Additional Guidelines:

-You are the expert on the text. You can assume everyone else has read the text as well (they should). Nevertheless, recap the major arguments of the text.

-None of the texts holds absolute truth. All of them are written from a specific point of view, with which you may agree or disagree. If you voice any such judgment, you need to provide reasons.


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