The order Analyse the human aspects of the organisational change within The Change document. Please

use this self-reflection rubric to evaluate the effectiveness of your lesson plan from Week Four.
July 5, 2020
Discuss what role you believe that HIM( Health information Management) professionals should have in reducing and eliminating ADE’s ( adverse drug events).
July 5, 2020

The order Analyse the human aspects of the organisational change within The Change document.
Please ensure that the orders addresses the following learning outcomes:
1. Identify the human aspects of change challenges and complexities which arise out of an organisational change.
2. Understand how the invlolvement of individuals and groups/teams impacts upon processes of organisational change
3. Understand the influence of organisational culture upon processes of managing organisational change
4. Identify choices around where and how change agency is located
5. Critique one best way to manage change and change management recipes in favour of research informed/evidence based approaches. (this should conclude that there is no one best way!!) The attached document The Change is the basis of the order, this document is not to be referenced in the document at all it is the explanation of the change
Assignment Specification The assignment requires the analysis of the human aspects of the organisation change within The Change document attached. It may be focussed upon a few individuals, or specific groups, or the whole organisation or a combination. The analysis of the organisational change should be informed by theories, models and concepts drawn from credible academic sources (see reading list attached) The analysis should show an effective understanding of what was happening in the change through the application of relevant theories, models and concepts.
The order should be broken down into 5 sections:
1. Introduction and contextualisation of the specific organisational change ask a question for the paper to answer in the conclusion(300 words).
2. Understanding of theories, models and concepts applied to the organisational change(1300 words)
3. Evidence of critique/analysis of thoeries, models and concepts to the organisational change (1200 words)
4. Reflection Evidence of your learning arising from undertaking the analysis(500 words).
5. Conclusion answering the question in the introduction, take a position(500 words).
Only uses references from the reading list, or peer reviewed documents of uk or us orgin newer than 2008.
This paper should be critical not descriptive.
Secondary referencing only no direct citations.



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