The process of gender stereotyping

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“The process of gender stereotyping continues through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. [Also], gender stereotyping involves expectations about how people should behave based on their gender”. (Pg. 416)

After you have read “Traditional Gender-Role Stereotypes over the Lifespan”, and watched the video, you are to address the following question’s in paragraph form. You must critically address these question’s and respond with depth and clarity.

While this response should include your opinion, it should also include support from the text as well as the video to support your response. APA format is only needed for this discussion when you cite the text or other sources to support your statements.

1) Do you feel that children should be guided by social expectations in regards to what toys they play with? Explain your response. (1 paragraph) – 3 points

2) Will a child miss out on discovering their true identity if they are socially guided to play with a certain gender appropriate toy? (1 paragraph) – 3 points

3) Do social expectations add an element of normalcy and guidance? Why/why not? (1 paragraph) – 1 points

4) Will the child feel a sense of internal or external incongruence? Why/why not? (1 paragraph) – 1 points

5) Will the child feel a sense of disharmony, or a sense of something that is natural for him/her? (1 paragraph) – 1 point

6) Please respond to one other student’s post to address their question or expand on their post. – 1 point

Big Think Interview with Lise Eliot (Links to an external site.)
Big Think Interview with Lise Eliot

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