Topic: Critically review media article and report

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February 8, 2018
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Topic: Critically review media article and report

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Please use the following media article and report provided:
Media article:


The question that have to be answered in the critical review include:
1. Discuss how the media article has used the published research including:
2. What information/data did they use from the published research and why What message is
the media article trying to communicate
3. Has any data/information of the published research not been included in the media article
Why do you think this information has been excluded Does the author provide justification
4. Has the media article provided adequate insights into the published research
5. Evaluate the strengths and limitations of the original published research by referring to the
research question, method (e.g. sampling, procedures, analysis) and results. Were these
strengths and limitations addressed in the media article


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