Topic: Develop a plan for the assessment of hybrid learning

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February 8, 2018
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Topic: Develop a plan for the assessment of hybrid learning

Order DescriptionDesign project

Develop a plan for the assessment of hybrid learning in terms of Student perceptions

– A written project summary. At least 6 pages without cover page and reference lists
The written summary of the project needs to include:

– An Introduction, which summarizes why you chose your project focus, what methods were utilized, what you accomplished, etc.

– Reference how the project relates to literature, theories, models etc.
What is the key processes/ and models used

-How has this project influenced my own learning and professional development

– Summarize the scope of the project and discoveries and final outcomes.

– Conclusion and recommendations resulting from your project

– Recommendations for further research and practice

-Reference list

I attached some references list
1- Hollowell, D., Middaugh, M. & Sibolski, E. (2010). Integrating Higher Education Planning and Assessment: A practical guide. Ann Arbor, MI. (Chapters 1,2,6).

2- Ohia, U. (2011). A Model for Effectively Assessing Student Learning Outcomes. Contemporary Issues in Education Research, 4(3), pp. 25-32.

3- Sayers, N. (2010). A guide to scenario planning in higher education. Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.

4- Ellis, S.E. (2010). Introduction to strategic planning in student affairs: A model for process and elements of a plan. New Directions for Student Services, 132, 5-16.

5- Dodd, A.H. (2004). Accreditation as a catalyst for institutional effectiveness. New Directions for Institutional Research #123, 13-25. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

6- Occasional paper #4. National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment. Retrieved from

7- Banta, T. &Blaich, C. (2011). Closing the assessment loop. CHANGE, January/February 2011, pp. 22-27.
8- Review the Middle States document: Assessing Student Learning and Institutional Effectiveness


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