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February 8, 2018
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Purpose: To show an understanding and critically reflect on the psychology principles as they relate to high performance sports environments and to communicate this knowledge effectively to the high performance sport-science community. Background: The task is to produce an evidence based intervention program that assists practitioners in high performance sport, such as coaches, managers or sport scientists. In this third assessment you will use a scientific report as a way of communication with an audience interested in high performance sport. Again, the evidence that you use to base your intervention program on should be drawn from the ideas and topics presented in the unit; 1. Psychology and the Sport Scientist in High Performance Sport: Optimizing Preparation for Peak Performance. 2. Perceiving and Acting in High Performance Sport. 3. Complex Systems. 4. Stress and Emotions. This could be a single topic but it can also be a range of topics as treated throughout weeks 1-12. Both the situation/context and the topic or topics you want to use as evidence in support of your intervention program are free for you to decide. This way, you can tailor the program to something that is interesting and relevant to you and/or your situation. As you are free to chose a situation or context for the intervention program, you can choose a situation or context in high performance sport that you currently work in or you can create or invent a situation that would be relevant for the topic you chose to base your intervention on. What we are after is that you can show us an understanding of a pathway of communication from a theoretical understanding of relevant concepts (in a topic or a range of topics that have been treated in the unit) into a program that you can communicate to a range of high performance sport practitioners, such as a coach, trainer, sport scientist, or other high performance sport practitioner that works with athletes. Task: You will produce a 12-month intervention program that is based on the ideas presented in the unit, relevant for your situation. In this written assignment you describe the theoretical framework (related to specific concepts treated in the unit weeks 2-8), making use of recent literature, and how the theory is translated into a specific practical sport psychology inspired intervention. The introduction (or first part of the written assignment) describes the situation as well as an explanation of the topic(s)/concept(s) used and a theoretical background making use of relevant recent literature. The second part describes an intervention program in which the knowledge gained from the literature is translated into a specific practical intervention. The assignment will be assessed on the following four components: 1. Introduction of high performance sport context/situation and topic(s) that will be used to evidence the intervention program. 2. review of literature: a complete review in which you present both one or more relevant theories and related research (note, the more topics/concepts you will tackle here, the harder it will be to do this comprehensively, complete, and in depth). 3. a 12-month program design: a well thought-out, innovative and creative 12- month program that contains enough detail to be repeated by others and where each component flows. 4. linking (2) and (3) – application of literature: proposed program (2) is strongly embedded within the literature you presented in (1) and draws on this body of work heavily in its application