Topic Mental Health policies for Indigenous Australians

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April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Length 2500 WordsType of Collaboration Essay
Details Select one (1) of the following essay questions:
1. In the Australian context, how might differences in Indigenous and non-Indigenous world views affect concepts of mental health and treatment of illness?
2. Describe the key elements in the process of colonisation, which have had adverse effects on the mental health of Indigenous societies. Refer to Australia and one or two other countries.
3. Briefly outline the main mental health policy approaches taken by State and Federal governments to Indigenous people of Australia. Select two or three of these policy approaches and list some possible consequences for health.
4. Choose one contemporary Indigenous mental health issue and critically analyse the key elements and factors, which contribute to and impact on it. Compare this with one other Indigenous population from either North America or New Zealand.
5. Describe and comment on the adaptation of primary health care in the Indigenous community health context in Australia.
**Please choose topic 3- Show reference to State policies specific to Western Australia

Readings, References and Materials (To be used in referencing)

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