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October 18, 2020
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October 18, 2020

*The first Uber project due requires you to calculate financial trends. You need to download the Excel spreadsheet complete it, and then upload it into Canvas. You do NOT need to do any additional work beyond doing the calculation and stating whether it is a favorable or unfavorable trend.

The second part of the assignment is to repeat the exercise for LYFT. Copy the spreadsheet and then do the same analysis. This time you must indicate which company you prefer and why.


1. Use the most current financial information for both. Uber is announcing earnings on Thursday of this week.

2. If you are using quarterly INCOME STATEMENT DATA, you must multiply by four. Balance sheet information is a point in time and does not need to be annualized.

*Please complete the attached financial analysis of Uber Technologies. You will need to find the correct document to do the analysis. This is part of the test.

Go to sec.gov and look for Company Filing. When the page comes up, then insert Uber Technologies. You will be presented with a list of filings. You want to find the form S-1A. This is a long document, but you will fine the information you are looking for on the “F” pages. These are the financial statements.

Carefully read the instructions I have provided to complete the assignment.


As predicted Uber released its Form 10-Q on Thursday. It lost $5.2 billion—yes, not thousands, or millions, but billions–for one quarter—Not the year, one quarter.

The financial information for the Uber project can be found on sec.gov. Remember, if you use quarterly data, you must annualize ratios that have an income statement number in it. So for instance if you are using the quarterly numbers, you multiply by four. If you are using semi-annual numbers, you must multiply by 2. Balance sheet ratios ( a ratio that has a numerator and a denominator in it) are NOT annualized. The balance sheet captures one second in time.

LYFT also announced its earnings on the same day. That lost a paltry sum compared to Uber. You can find that information on an 8-k filed in sec.gov. Learning how to find information on sec.gov is part of the course.


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