Unit 3 *FOR MEGAWRITER* – Business management homework help

Each student will write a literature review of NOT more than 2500 words. The review should demonstra
July 5, 2020
Compare and contrast distance-vector and link state routing, and analyze
July 5, 2020
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Unit 3 *FOR MEGAWRITER* – Business management homework help

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Megawriter please follow previous guidelines posted, thank you.

Throughout the first half of the course, you have been hard at work on your capstone project. For this assignment, submit your work to date for feedback on your progress toward demonstrating your program outcomes. The more complete your draft, the more guidance and specific feedback your instructor will be able to provide. For this assignment, complete the following:

  • Prepare a comprehensive outline of your project, including the headings and subheadings you will use in your final submission.
  • For each section, include the following:
    • A partial or complete draft of your analysis and content.
    • A summary of any missing components that will be included in your final draft.
    • All data and references that support your work in the appropriate APA format.
    • Outstanding data and references you need to complete your project.

For this assignment, you will be graded on your ability to effectively communicate your project deliverables and status. Note that the first criterion in the scoring guide is weighted at 100%. Your instructor will also provide feedback on your draft based on the Capstone Project and Presentation Scoring Guide to help you gauge your progress on demonstrating your program outcomes. These criteria are weighted 0% each; your actual demonstration of your program outcomes to date will not figure into your grade for this assignment. Review the Capstone Project Draft Scoring Guide prior to submission to ensure you understand these distinctions and the expectations for this assignment.


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