vision statement in education

Which of the following equals the market value of all final goods and services produced inan economy, stated in the prices of a specific base year
July 5, 2020
What are the similarities and differences among the various models of organizational culture? ………. 1 answer below »
July 5, 2020

A 3-page Vision Statement Project
      A vision statement includes your position towards working for change in education (broadly). Additionally, each vision statement will include three concrete goals that illustrate the ways that students, as emerging leaders in their respective fields, will work for equity and justice for cross- cultural communication within their spheres of influence
      Your written version of the vision statement must include: a written version of the vision statement, drawing from and citing at least two course readings and a list and description of the three goals that students have set including a discussion of how they will work, within their spheres of influence, to meet and exceed these goals.


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