Walmart e-commerce strategy article

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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018
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Walmart e-commerce strategy article

Walmart e-commerce strategy article write-up (1pg)

Read the 1 pg article link below

Read article that deals with a firm��������s marketing action, decision, strategy, and write a short essay. The essay should include brief summary of article and discussion about how it is relevant to marketing subjects covered in the class, why it is IMPORTANT to the firm, and if necessary how you would change the firm��������s action or strategy as a marketing manager about Walmart’s ecommerce strategy to catch up Amzaon in terms of marketing view.
(for example, Do you think it is good strategy in terms of�� marketing concept�� why why not �� or other recommendation strategies )
Focusing on Walmart’s point of view.


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