Ways in which state judges find their way to the bench.

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May 30, 2020
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There are a number of ways in which state judges find their way to the bench. One such method is the Missouri Plan. What are the three steps of the Missouri Plan? Name one supposed benefit of the Missouri Plan. As discussed in class materials, judges in Texas are elected. Which method of selection do you think is better, the Missouri Plan or electing judges like we do here in Texas? Why?

You are free to respond to a classmate’s post as you wish as long as it is relevant. One such method of responding could be by agreeing or disagreeing with your classmate. Explain why you agree or disagree (in your own words). Do not just repeat what your classmate said in the post to which you are responding.

In addition, do not simply compliment your classmate on his or her post, and tell him or her how much you enjoyed reading it. I will not give credit for responses written in that manner. The point of the response is to actually speak about/reply to the substance of your classmates’ posts.

Your response should be approximately 75 words.

In addition, pay attention to spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc. Please proofread what you have written before posting it.

the 3rd page should be for the classmate reply

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