Week 3 Task 5

Child and Family Development professionals…
March 2, 2021
You will write a short paper (1300-2000 words) applying the concepts of Erikson to your own life.A summary of Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development will be posted for you in the Discussions se
March 2, 2021

Reply to the following post in 100 words or more.

Training’s Role in Organizational Development posted by
William Walker
, Mar 15, 2018, 9:30 AM

Training should never be implemented unless it is tied to the organization’s strategy. When manager’s plan organizational development they are really just deciding in which ways the organization needs to change to achieve better performance, accomplish a goal, or proactively plan for future opportunities or crises. However, whenever change occurs in an agency there is always going to be resistance as individuals tend to prefer the status quo that they are used to. Training is the organization’s way of changing the capabilities of workers to attain higher levels of performance. Training is also a way to address organizational change and development with employees to help everyone become more comfortable with change principles.

The trainer has a high amount of responsibility in presenting change concepts in the appropriate way to the audience. A CEO will interpret change principles from a perspective of strategic advantage while front-line staff may interpret it in terms of how much it inconveniences them in the achievement of their own job objectives. Returning to the concept of framing, how the message is presented can play a part in how receptive the audience will be of the new principles. This is so important that the text advocates that organizational development professionals that do not have training competencies develop relationships with people who do so that training can be successful on all the levels in a business.


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