write your own mini dictionary of walt whitman s vocabulary from song of myself

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April 3, 2021
April 3, 2021

a) Choose 5-10 words that appear in Song Of Myself: these may be words that appear repeatedly, like “perfume” or “loafe”.

b) Define each word. Ask yourself: What does this word mean to the poet and how does this meaning emerge when I read his poem?

Other possible questions to consider: Does the poet’s use of this word vary from what you think of as its normal use, and if so, how? Does the word’s meaning vary from poem to poem or passage to passage—and if so, does that make it impossible, or just harder, to define? Are there other words in the poet’s vocabulary that seem closely connected to this one? What does the poet’s use of this word tell you about her/his thought process or aesthetic preferences? Is this a word you think of as especially “typical” of this poet? Does the poet himself offer a definition of this word? Are there significant connections between your chosen words?

PS. The File below is my own work. Please use this as an example to continue. I need the same quotation format. Feel free to make any revisions like to extend or correct mistakes.


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