write your reaction to the 3 exibitio photos, and a exibition review

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October 19, 2020
“Leasing Equipment” Discussion Question
October 19, 2020

Assignment: online photography exhibition for history of photography class
Turn In
Written Paper minimum of 3 pages long separated by part 2 and part 3, typed in 12 pt font double-spaced. Do not include images in your paper, only the link with the 3 chosen images.
Write part 2, your personal reaction to the images you have chosen (make sure you address all the question from the prompt below)
Here are the 3 images I have chosen;
Write part 3, the exhibition review
Go to Ann Arbor Art Center (Photography): http://www.annarborartcenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/ART-NOW-Photo-2020_Exhibition-Catalog.pdf
This assignment is about looking at images and involves critical thinking, creating a review of an exhibition, and making some art yourself! Looking, in this context, is really about seeing: you will describe, interpret, evaluate, and theorize. Ask yourself questions such as: What is here? What is this about? How good is this? Is it art and why? Follow up your visit and review by making some of your own images inspired by your museum exhibit selections.
Part 1: Take a walk through all of the photography exhibits.  ( I ALREADY DID THIS STEP AND CHOSED THE 3 IMAGES)
Part 2: Write Up, 3 images: Pick 3 (from any exhibit) and record your personal reactions to the images selected in your own words. Remember, its about seeing photographs; refer to purpose above. Look at design elements that went into creating the composition, the subject matter, the photographic process used, any message or story, the scale of the photograph, whether its color or BW, etc. Detect any other technical evidence used to make this image. Make notes describing the work: Give the artist and title, the medium, size, subject matter/content, design elements (light/dark, line, shape, texture, pattern, color, tonality, contrast). How do the images you chose relate to one another? What is the concept in these images?  Why does the work resonate with you?
Please address all of the prompt questions above. If the online gallery does not provide information about the artist or images, please look up that information elsewhere BUT MAKE SURE YOU CITE. First, come up with your own conclusions and see if they align with or contradict the artist’s message.
Here is the title for the 3 images I have chosen; please click on the link and go to the online exhibit and escrow down for the pictures, just look for the titles.
Photo 1- The Oxidation of Memory archival pigment prints 36 x 96 x 1 $ 2400 JESSICA DEMURO Detroit, MI
Photo 2- When Jacks at His Dads digital image 16 x 20 x 1 $ 150 ALICIA CHIARAVALLI West Bloomfield, MI
Photo 3- Golden Hour at Joe Juniors photography on metal 11 x 17 $ 800 RILEY ARTHUR Detroit, MI

Part 3: Write Up, Exhibition Review
Use the same exhibition above (one cohesive set of images). Talk about the overall look of the exhibition youve chosen. Is the work sequenced well (how do images relate to one another and what is the flow like)? Are there enough photos or too many? Is there enough text information or not? Do some photos depend on the text to give them meaning? How do you like the overall gallery look?  What is the concept of this exhibition? Does it successfully represent its title?


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